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The 1966 Spa 1000 km 330 P3

A bit of history of The 1966 Spa 1000 km 330 P3

On May 22, 1966, Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti won the Spa-Francorchamps 1000-Km, 5th round of the International Sports-Prototypes Trophy. The 71 laps were completed in 4 h 43’24’’at an average speed of  131.702mph. Fastest lap (Mike Parkes) in 3’46’’4 at 139.318mph.


The 330 P3 had a semi-monocoque chassis combining sheets of aluminium and light tubular framework and a tubular frame work at the rear. The body was made of aluminium in Piero Drogo’s workshop at Modena based on drawings from the factory after hours of work in the wind tunnel. The doors were made of polyester.

The 330 P2 V12 engine was fitted with new pistons, new camshafts and particularly with an indirect injection supply with Lucas pump and injectors. This 3.966cc engine developed 420 HP at 8000rpm. The gearbox was a five ratio ZF.

For the first practice session, the P3 was fitted with Dunlop tyres, but, for the remaining sessions as well as for the race, Firestone were used.

0844 won the Monza 1000-Km with John Surtees and Mike Parkes, won the Spa-Francorchamps 1000-Km, did not race at the Nurburgring and did not finish at Le Mans (Parkes-Scarfiotti). It was converted in 412P and sold to NART for 1967.


The 1/12 scale model

We used an aluminium and carbon charged polyurethane resin for the body, the chassis, the dashboard, the rear deck, the seats, the exhaust system, some small parts and the tyre/wheel sets.

A great number of parts are photo-etched and cover a surface of about three A4 sheets. For example, the very distinctive P3/P4 radiator in front of the windscreen is made of about 120 p/e parts. The side openings on the body, after the rear wheel arches and on the sills, are very realistically made of p/e panels. The sills p/e panel are put into shape by us. The rear body panel and its grille are also p/e.

The windscreen and the rear window are made of Lexan, a template allowing you to cut them into shape, and the side windows with their opening and their sliding pane of pre-cut acetate. All these parts are fitted with rivets. Only the vac-formed headlight covers are to be glued. The headlights, driving lights, radiator pipes, knock-on nuts and some other small parts are made of white metal.

The model is sold as a kit or built-up. The body rivets are represented by little holes, but we can provide a kit of about 850 heads of rivet to satisfy the more demanding builder. These heads of rivet are to be fitted after painting and to be painted individually as we do for the built model.

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