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The Mille Miglia 315S

A bit of history


This is a model of the 315S (chassis 0674) that Wolfgang von Trips drove to second place at the 1957 Mille Miglia. 315spetit4Von Trips, driving alone, hence the tonneau cover, also led the Mille Miglia at Ravenne, soon to be overtaken by Collins and Taruffi. He finished second at Brescia, a few meters behind Piero Taruffi, i.e. a little more than three minutes after 1,600 km of racing.

This 315S had a wider grill than the other 315S or 335S, that included the front brake air intakes, and had two scoops (instead of one) either side of the bonnet alongside the front wings. 315spetit3For Sebring and the Mille Miglia, the car was fitted with a 3.8 litre double-camshaft engine (140 Type), later for the remaining races of the championship a 4.1 litre (141 Type) replaced the 3.8 litre.










The 1/8 scale model


It took us countless hours to research and collect information and to design and create this master. The model is made of more than 1,500 parts, 600 alone for the wheels. They are handmade spoke by spoke, there are 72 of them per wheels which means we have to drill 144 holes on the rim and the hub. The tyres have the accurate profile and pattern to go with the original Englebert. The wheels are painted as it was the use then.

Also noteworthy are the grill, the detailing of the cockpit with the electric board, the battery, the gearbox linkage and the dashboard with its readable meters. The seats are particularly realistic, as are the wheel wing nuts marked at the name and logo of the maker. Even the fitting way is mentioned. The headlights are an accurately scaled-down reproduction of the period Marshal. The Sebring model has the correct three-spoke steering wheel although, like Mike Hawthorn, Peter Collins would rather have a four-spoke one.

It takes about 150 hours to complete the building of this model, it means that production will inevitably be slow and very limited.

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